t-Test Step-by-Step!!!

For all of you who are having trouble with the t-Test, Mr. O, Sinn and I created step-by-step instructions on how to perform the test during lunch. You know you love us.

Target population:

Calculate the first average (x1) (in Excel; =Average)

Calculate the second average (x2)

Subtract the means (x1 – x2)

Count the number of entries in each data set.

n1 = number in first data set
n2 = number in second data set

Plug these into the formula

Calculate s (use calculator) or Excel (=StDeva)

Plug-n-chug to find t

Calculate Degrees of Freedom:

d.f. = (n1 + n2 – 2)

Only use the line in the table that corresponds with your d.f.

Use p = or
Compare t values (yours and the one you found in the table). If your t value is greater than the one listed, then reject the null-hypothesis and accept the alternative hypothesis.

Happy calculating!